Soccer - The most popular game in the world

Soccer, or football as it is known in most English speaking countries, is the most popular game in the world and the FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest international sporting events. Soccer is a popular spectator sport with millions of people watching live or on TV each week. The World Cup is watched by close to a billion people around the world, and store and work places are known to close down temporarily to allow the workers to cheer for their team when they play.  Soccer is also a sport that fuels the dreams of poor children around the world like no other.  Children around the globe, from the streets of Brazil to tiny villages in Nigeria to the poor suburbs of Edinburgh, dream about becoming successful soccer players.

Soccer is not just a popular sport to to watch, play and dream about, it is also a very popular sport to gamble on. Millions of people bet on soccer each year. Some do it occasionally on a whim, tip or simply to make a game more interesting. Others bet on soccer for a living and strive to know every aspect of the game. publish daily picks on soccer if you are interested to learn more about betting.

It is possible to gamble on just about every possible feature of a soccer game, from the outcome of the match to who will do the first goal or how many yellow and black cards that will be handed out during a game.

The most popular bet is to bet on the outcome. Usually in combination with several bets, but also on a single game.  The second most popular bet is final score. Other popular bets on soccer include which team that will win the league that year. This type of betting is sometimes used to show support for ones team. 

Although you can gamble on almost any soccer games regardless of where it takes place, there are a few leagues that are more popular than the rest to play on:

The Premier league. This British league is famous around the world and contains some of Europe's best teams such as Manchester United. This league is comprised of over 20 teams and offers a total of 380 exciting games to play on each year.

Serie A. This is the premier league of Italy. Nowhere in Europe is soccer bigger than in Italy and soccer affects everything from national politics to public mood. Serie A is the most scandal ridden league in Europe with bribes and corruption a plenty, while simultaneously being the league that shows the biggest successes from their teams in international competitions. Famous teams in Series A include Milan and Juventus FC. 20 teams play in this league every year.

La Liga the Spanish league. It offers world class soccer and is home to teams such as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The league has room for 20 teams who each meet each other twice during one season. 

Other smaller but still popular leagues include Bundesliga in Germany, the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish leagues, and the Turkish league. 

Leagues in other parts of the world are very popular among spectators but not gambled on to the same degree yet – at least not officially. This can however change since many of them have a very large fan base in their home countries, such as the Brazilian league.

If you want to know more about the different leagues and their history you can find it on this site. This site is also a good place to visit if you want tips and advice about betting on soccer.