Betting on soccer

Football betting is a fascinating pass time, and it can also be quite a lucrative hobby for anyone with the time and inclination to carefully analyze the game at hand. The more you know, the easier it will be to make an accurate analysis of the situation and predict the outcome of future games.

Football betting is available online as well as offline. Most countries and states have some type of regulation regarding football. Basically, there are three types of legislation for bookmakers, depending on which jurisdiction you are in:

The general trend in Europe as well as several other parts of the world is to move away from bans and state monopolies and opt for licensing systems for bookmakers that wish to offer football betting. That way, the state can receive tax money from licensed private entities while still allowing free competition on the sportsbetting market – something which is beneficial for the punters since they get many different options to chose among.

If you wish to engage in football betting, it is a very good idea to opt for a licensed and reputable bookmaker online or offline. With the vast array of licensed bookmakers available online today there is absolutely no point in risking your money with unlicensed and shady bookmakers.

Before you decide which bookmaker to offer an account with, ideally spend some time online checking out reviews and forums about gambling sites in general and football betting in particular. A gambling site might for instance have a great casino and poker room but meager opportunities for football betting, so do some research before you make any deposit.

If you're a serious punter, your best option might be to open an account with several bookmakers online. That way, you can compare their odds before making a bet and make sure you always get the best possible odds online.

The advent of internet gambling has led to a booming interest in so called live betting. Live betting is betting that takes place while an event is in progress. You can for instance bet on a football match while watching it on TV or cheering at the stadium. Gambling sites that offer live betting will normally let you place your bet on the web and through your cell phone, so you don't have to drag your computer to the football stadium. New betting opportunities will be added continuously, such as “Who will make the next goal?” or “Will there be any red card during the next 10 minutes?”. Ideally pick a sports betting site that will deposit any winnings into your account immediately; that way you can gradually build up your bankroll by using previous winnings to make new bets. If you lose in the end, you haven't really lost more than you initial wager.