Bundesliga - Germany's Premier Soccer League

While many different clubs have competed in the Bundesliga, the most successful by far has been FC Bayern Munich, which has won 22 titles and cups over the years. However, in the most recent season, 2010-11, FC Bayern Munich relinquished its championship to Borussia Dortmund, a successful club in its own right, now having accumulated 7 titles.

The Bundesliga has several clubs that have competed for dominance over the years, as well as some star players who have risen to the top of the sport. Among these is Mario Gomez, the striker for FC Bayern Munich, who won German Footballer of the Year for his role in leading his team to victory in the 2006-07 season. Gomez also led the Bundesliga in goals for the 2010-11 season, scoring 28.

One of the players who led Borussia Dormund to its recent championship was Nuri Sahin, the midfielder who, in 2005, became the youngest player to ever play for the Bundesliga. Sahin was voted best player in the Bundesliga for the 2010-11 season. Fans were disappointed, however, to learn that Sahin was traded to Real Madrid, one of the leading team's in Spain's La Liga.

The Bundesliga has recently overtaken England's Premier League as the world's most profitable football league. This is not, however, necessarily due entirely to the popularity of the league, as players in the Bundesliga are not paid as highly as players in England and many other countries. Yet, it's clear that the Bundesliga has also grown more popular in recent years. In the most recent season, for example, the average attendance at games was higher for Bundesliga games than for those in rival leagues such as Premier League and La Liga.

Even though the Bundesliga has grown more popular in its native Germany, it doesn't enjoy the same type of worldwide renown as leagues such as England's Premier League have. Many analysts believe that this is largely due to the German style of play, which has traditionally been technically proficient, but less aggressive and flamboyant than the styles of other European players. This, however, has been changing in recent years, especially as the Bundesliga has been attracting players from a variety of other countries.

The Bundesliga was given a shot in the arm last year by Germany's performance in the World Cup, where it placed third, defeating high ranking teams such as England and Argentina, before finally losing to the World Cup winner, Spain.